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Penis Traction Devices For Permanent Penis Enlargement

Penis traction devices, also known as extenders, stretchers and enlargement devices are one of the most popular penis enlargement methods. They are also the penis enlargement method with the best results and proven gains among thousands of men who tried them.

Idea behind the traction devices is nothing new as the basic idea is known from ancient cultures. Also, some of the best rated traction devices exist on the market for more than 10 years, which only proves how good, quality and effective they are.

The basic theory of how traction devices work is a logical fact that specific part of the body exposed to stress over time will slowly grow because the stress will stimulate new, stronger and bigger cells to re-grow. This approach works pretty well in body building, from which the whole idea has been taken and applied to penis enlargement.

The similar method used in body building to increase muscle mass and volume can be applied to penis tissue cells as well, and that is exactly how penis enlargement devices work. Results are visible increases of volume and size of the penis over particular time, which mostly depends on the time of applying device to the penis tissue and quality of the device.

Of course, not all penis enlargement devices are safe to use and recommendable. I have reviewed tens of top rated traction devices and can recommend only four to five of them, mostly because they have been clinically tested and their effectiveness in enlarging penis size has been proven by clinical trials and testimonials of thousands of users.

Penis enlargement devices are for sure one of the most popular and most effective penis enlargement method in the last 10 years or so. Without any doubt, some of the most popular traction devices on the market provide its users with visible, measurable, fast and permanent gains and improvements.

The top rated penis enlargement devices can help you to gain up to 3 inches to your penis size while improving your penis health and performances, your erections and sexual stamina. They are also known to cure common penis diseases like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, penile curvature and others.

Based on all facts that we have so far – clinical trials, case studies, customer testimonials and other – we can easily conclude that penis traction devices can be used for permanent penis enlargement – because they produce results. For example, you can check testimonials from SizeGenetics users. As the number 1 penis enlargement device on the market, SizeGenetics is providing it’s users with permanent gains to penis size for years.

penis traction devices testimonials

However, to gain real and permanent results you need to choose the best and proven traction device. It’s quite logical, if you want to drive fast, you won’t pick some small city car with 4 cylinders and 50 horse power, right? You will choose car like Ferarri, Porsche, Viper or something in that class, right? It’s the same with penis traction devices – you want something that CAN provide you with desired results.

That’s why I recommend you to check our reviews and pick one of the recommended and top rated penis traction devices: the SizeGenetics review, the Jes-Extender review, the Male Edge review and The Ultimate Stretcher review.


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